Christian PowerPoint Backgrounds – Finding The Perfect Background for Your Church

Published: 14th September 2011
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Christian PowerPoint backgrounds are a great way to utilize multimedia in our morning worship services. In the 21st century church, it is important to remain relevant and meet people where they are at today. People who have never stepped foot in a church may not connect to the worship songs, but they will connect to media presentations, videos, and other modern expressions of worship. Many churches have turned to PowerPoint presentations to display the words to the worship songs.

PowerPoint works much better than overhead slides. The words are easier to see on a PowerPoint projection. You can display videos through the computer too. Replacing the light bulbs for overhead projectors is very expensive, so getting a projector for the sanctuary makes sense.

One of the newest trends in Christian PowerPoint backgrounds is motion worship backgrounds. While the words to the song are displayed on the screen, there is video in the background. You might see slides of Jesus during the song. If you are singing the song God of Wonders, you may see beautiful videos of God’s creations during the song. It could be videos of waterfalls, beaches, mountains, the stars, or other awesome backgrounds.

There are many other motions you can display in your church too. During patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day, you could have a patriotic motion that plays in the background. Some of the popular motion displays that are seen in churches around the 4th of July include fireworks, flag loops, and other patriotic loops.

During the Christmas season, there are many popular loops you can display behind the words to the songs. You could display a motion that has the advent candles in the background. You could have subtle candle motion videos playing in the church on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve service could even have a video motion of the manger scene. There are many popular Christian Powerpoint backgrounds you can use during the Christmas season.

Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian church. In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, there are many other video motions you could display. It is important to make an impact on the congregation. You could display a motion video with a video of the Easter crosses. An Easter morning sunrise service could have a background of a sunrise with the Easter morning theme. There are many Easter video motions that could display behind the words of the worship songs.

Christian PowerPoint backgrounds can be used for any time of year. Some of the backgrounds you can purchase are still backgrounds. You do not have to buy motion backgrounds. Some people have found that the motion backgrounds can be distracting in the worship service, so you can get still backgrounds too. These are great to use during sermons. The still backgrounds are often used during sermons because the pastor doesn’t want people to be distracted by other movements happening during the message.

Christian PowerPoint backgrounds are becoming very popular in churches today. They are used for special holidays, and they are used in many churches every Sunday. Most individuals and businesses have high speed internet connections today, so it is easy to preview thousands of Christian PowerPoint backgrounds before buying any of the backgrounds available today.

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